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WILIJAM TOK  ITOMBOIJDT.                  303
which was his share of the parental inheritance, to
the poet Franz von KleisL Both brothers had the
intention of proceeding to Italy over Dresden, Vienna,
and the Alps—the younger brother with the view of
continuing his journey to Spain, and thence to the
new world.
In June, William proceeded5 with Ms whole family.,
to Dresden., where he remained several weeks, and
was joined by his brother Alexander.   Here the family
affairs were finally arranged, for which purpose Saintly
the former tutor, had also joined the brothers.    In
Dresden they spent their time agreeably, with the
Councillor   Korner   and   the   Prussian   ambassador,
Count von Gessler.    They were obliged to remain ia
Dresden longer than they had anticipated3 because
Madame  von   Htunboldt  was  attacked by a  fever,
From. Dresden the entire family proceeded to Vienna,
and remained here also longer than they had wished,
awaiting the issue of the pending war7 which at last
forced them to give up for the time their journey to
Italy.    The Southern Germany had been swept tole-
rably clean of enemies by the victorious campaign of
the Archduke Charles in the preceding year, but the
advantages which Bonapaxte*s genius had achieved in
Italy and the Adriatic provinces obliged the Austriazis
to negotiate.    These negotiations lasted a long time,
but the fate of Italy was clear, and a journey thither
scarcely possible.    Goethe, also, could only proceed as
far as Switzerland.     On the l*5th September, Schiller
wrote to the latter :  cc I have to-day received a letter
from   our  friend   Humboldt.     He   no   longer  likes
"Vienna, has all but abandoned the plan of the Italian
journey, and is nearly determined to proceed to Paris^
but the newest events there will have changed tills
purpose again/*    Schiller was, however, in error,
these  events  confirmed the plan   of the journey 'to
Paris,    Humboldt now determined to approach &&
French boundary at the foot of the Alps^ a&d 'there
to await the anticipated peace between.1 Austria and.